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About Tara Sage Steeves, M.A.

Founder & President of Nomadic Leaders Create Your Life! Life & Leadership Master Coach Speaker, twice-published author, entrepreneur Human potential activator, salsa dancer, nomad, RV owner, color-outside-the-liner

Allow me to introduce myself…

To you, from: Tara Sage Steeves, writing from just outside Washington D.C. I am so glad YOU made your way to this page! In sharing a bit about who I am, what I’m up to, and how I came to be founder of Nomadic Leaders, let me start with the résumé-style credentials and get that formality out of the way.

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If you could go to any 6 countries, which ones would you choose?

Holistic Leadership M.A., Psychology B.A., 12+ Years in Business & Other Relevant Experience:

After earning a BA in Psychology from Providence College and before starting my own company, I spent over ten years in the human services industry during which I gained rather extensive experience as a behavior modification therapist and integral part of a treatment team for inpatient psychiatric populations and as a member of an addiction medicine treatment research team at Brown University.  More than anything, from this experience I solidly gained a strong practical and theoretical foundation in therapeutic intervention models and client needs assessment. (In other words, I not only want to help, I also have a strong application, orientation, and foundation for how to help.) Tara Sage Steeves, M.A.Feeling frustrated by status quo, always seeing new possibilities and outside-the-box ways to do things, the entrepreneur in me was crying out. I was compelled to integrate both my commitment to client’s personal growth with my entrepreneurial spirit. This led me to complete Coach Training through CoachU, and Graduate level business courses that earned me an Essentials of Business Development Certificate. Soon after, I launched the first of my two businesses in 2004, Create Your Life!, offering coaching services that apply empowerment practices and behavior modification strategies to help individuals fulfill life and business goals and dreams. Good stuff, if I do say so myself. As a life-long learner, in 2012, I followed my passion and inclination towards leadership, and I earned a unique Master’s degree from Salve Regina University: Holistic Leadership. This only deepened my commitment to being an effective, impactful, and collaborative leader. You can quote me on this:

Create Your Life! began in 2004 with 3 pro bono clients and I’ve built it into a 6-figure, location independent business that continues to thrive to this day. In 2016, its sister business, Nomadic Leaders, was born of inspiration, created to serve as a next level way to bring laptop leaders and mission-driven innovators together for an international travel experience like no other.   By making the everyday challenges of digital nomadism easier, Nomadic Leaders provides a powerful combination: done-for-you travel arrangements, leadership coaching and training, and an inspiring community made up of high-level human capital and connection. Do the work you love, on a global stage, your way, while also seizing the day, seeing the world, expanding your potentials alongside your mission, and harnessing the rich opportunities and fulfillment of a digitally nomadic lifestyle.” ~ Tara Sage Steeves

I have rather unceasingly followed my own path of inspiration and commitment to high-service, and have had the honor of touching the lives of thousands from not only across the United States, but around the world, with clients spanning 4 continents. One person at a time, I have applied my accumulated know-how to support others to break free from what no longer fits, course-correct, live full out, leverage gifts and strengths, create wealth on their own terms, and follow a heart-centered mission that profoundly accelerates the ripple effect of leadership potentials and the realization of dreams and goals. This work lights my fire. I lead with my heart. I dream BIG. And – I am deeply committed to walking my talk. Listen as I share in this little video about my personal process of “saying YES” to starting Nomadic Leaders:

Nomadic Leaders is here to serve those who aspire to explore, follow inspiration, satisfy wanderlust for travel, and do it all with a mission-driven eagerness to take life and work to the next level.  (Sound like anyone you know?)

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If you could go to any 6 countries, which ones would you choose?

It is time to stop living for later, see the world, expand YOUR mission, explore those horizons AND live a life of joy and service – all through mission-driven leadership and the alignment of work and play. While it’s not for everyone, I am a strong advocate for entrepreneurship as a tremendous platform on which to evolve, design, and create your life. A self-starter and leader by nature, I think BIG, encourage possibilities, and I have a knack for quick, laser-focus, and shining a great big bright loving judgment-free light on what needs to shift. I help you create that shift, as painlessly as possible, so that you can live bigger and brighter from YOUR unique brilliance, wisdom, strengths, mission and calling. Based on my sincere passion for helping others succeed, I have provided one-to-one expert assistance and presented seminars as an Entrepreneurial Training Program Trainer for UMASS, have served as a volunteer Board of Advisory member in RI for small businesses through Urban Ventures, and most recently – after my move to just outside of Washington D.C. in 2015 – I serve as a mentor and a speaker for LadiesDC.

Some highlights of my travels: 

blt-arw-bl-lgAt 13 years young, I learned how to merengue while spending a month in Puerto Rico with a friend and her familia. Let’s just say, it left quite an impression and forever seeded my love of Latin dance. All these years later, you can be sure to find me sweatin’ it up on a salsa dance floor at least two nights a week. The salsa club is my playground and my therapy. (I half-jokingly refer to the cover charge as a “co-pay.”)

blt-arw-bl-lgI traveled to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, as part of a high school Spanish trip. My parents, neither of whom had ever traveled internationally, stunned me when they said ‘yes’ to my going. The travel bug had officially bit.

blt-arw-bl-lgDuring my junior year of college, I studied abroad in Australia (“the furthest I could go without a spaceship”) where, admittedly, very little of my studies were in the classroom. I backpacked, hosteled, flew, and even hitch-hiked – once, never again. I hiked and I snorkeled. I found my way to the west coast, the east coast, the south-east coast, and the Australian outback. I shifted my flight home, extending my stay to the last possible day of my Visa, had a 10-day stint in New Zealand, and returned to the U.S. delighted with less than $5 to my name.

blt-arw-bl-lgI drove across the U.S. of A, twice. And down coastal Rt. 1 from San Francisco to Joshua Tree National Park. I soaked in hot springs along the way, one of my favorite things in the world to do.

blt-arw-bl-lgCross-Cultural OpportunitiesI followed my half-Italiana roots to Rome (my beloved grandmother’s name was: Margherita Angelina Lena Cominelli Giannoni) where I was graciously hosted by a distant cousin. I rode on the back of a Vespa zipping in and out of Rome’s perfect chaos, saw the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Uffizi in Florence, walked the cobblestone street of sea-side Positano … and oh, the food! Molto bene!

blt-arw-bl-lgDuring a two-week trip to Mexico, my travel companion and I, eager to leave the Cancun-vibe, rented a pray-this-thing-starts car and journeyed on a self-guided tour of Mayan ruins and swam in the crisp turquoise waters of underground cenotes, staying in rainforest hostels we found along the way.

blt-arw-bl-lgI spent a little over a week in Dominican Republic, which in my mind only sort of counts as a cultural experience because I stayed at a beautiful resort for a conference (Awesomeness-Fest).  But, I did dance bachata with several members of the hotel staff, which I think counts for something.

blt-arw-bl-lgLast but certainly not least, my nomadic cross-country RV journey is starting soon.  (Stay tuned…!)


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