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Nomadic [nō-ˈma-dik]: adj. Relating to, or characteristic of, being on the move.

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Fast-track programs for the evolving leader…

You’re unique. That’s why we’ve designed TWO UNIQUE WAYS to experience the Nomadic Leaders journey!

  1. The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program (from the comfort of your home) ***   Click here to apply now!   *** 
  2. OR – Leadership education and growth while you travel alongside other evolving leaders. (Accepting applications soon.)

OPTION #1: Designed especially for those eager for a quick-start … The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program

  • Via Skype and telephone, we will get out the big paper and roll up our sleeves, diving right in from exactly where you ARE with a quick-start, power-packed, laser-focused strategy-savvy program, zeroing right in on whatever area of your personal and/or professional life will best serve.
  • Includes a recorded 90 minute telephone kick-off session, a virtual VIP Day, 2 accountability coaching sessions + a next steps strategy call, and weekly e-coaching.
  • ***   APPLY NOW!   *** for The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program & Receive a FREE 1:1 Leadership Coaching session with Tara! 

OPTION #2 (Coming soon, details below): Pack your bags for a leadership education & growth experience like no other. 

  • Three months of travel while getting the intimate experience and value of at least 6 months – literally compressing time. Invaluable! If you are a busy leader itching for travel, and who wants to fast-track your leadership education and growth, this is for you.

Leadership + Travel
Nomadic Leaders provides so much more than a Leadership Program. Adding travel makes it unique beyond comparison. You can ONLY have this kind, and this level, of leadership education and growth when you travel alongside other evolving leaders. 

** For Option #2, one month prior to travel your coaching program will begin. **

We’re busy hammering out the logistical details.
But here’s a glimpse at our vision…

3 consecutive months of travel and accommodations.
 leadership coaching and mastermind pow-wows before, after, and throughout. 

==> Monthly Content-Rich Topic Session.
==> Monthly Group Laser Coaching Hour.
==> Monthly Mastermind Prompts/Assignments to Integrate & Accelerate the learning.
==> Group Forum for 24-hour Connection and Support.
==> Recordings of all Sessions.
==> One guaranteed 20-minute emergency session (1:1) with Tara to coach you through whatever comes up.
==> Option for as-needed A La Carte Private Coaching* with Tara – Priority Scheduling!

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Nomadic Leaders™ Leadership Coaching Modules:

Before Take-Off: Where ARE you & where do you WANT to go?

Bonus Modules: Pre-launch Meet & Greet 

We’ll all jump on a conference line for group introductions and connection during this powerful virtual meet and greet. Learn helpful tips and tools for how to make the absolute most of your Nomadic Leaders experience and powerfully connect with those who are on this extraordinary journey with you. Get to know one another’s work, dreams, passions, and intentions. Build connections right away and tap into the camaraderie, wisdom, and support of your Nomadic Leaders community as you ready and prepare yourself for this journey together!

Before take-off …. We will come together for an IN-PERSON LAUNCH DAY! Gather with Tara and your fellow Nomadic Leaders for an awesome, igniting, kick-off.

d5a5bf526cebfbdd1e6647c3e36c1fbb Module 1: Measuring Your Growth

                                         “What’s measured improves.” ~ Peter Drucker

In order to get where you want to be, you must first know where you ARE. Get a clear picture of your Present – both practically and energetically. This awareness will serve as both a guiding point of reference and a powerful launch pad for your continued growth, in leadership and in life.

Module 2: Where to?

“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t
know that so it goes on flying anyway.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

Where are you headed? How will you know when you have arrived? What do you need to pack for your journey? Get clear on your vision, define success on your own terms, and prepare for the awesome journey ahead.

On The Journey: WHO Are You?

Module 3: Identify Your Authentic Leadership Style & Personality

“Know thyself.”  ~ Socrates 

International TravelBenefit directly from Tara’s Holistic Leadership Master’s degree! Learn the 4 powerful, effective, holistic approaches to leadership AND how to integrate them into your own authentic, magnetic leadership style.

Knowing who you are as a leader is a recipe for success – and the alternative can be downright disastrous. This is an absolute deal-breaker for success, a must, and yet, all too often it gets overlooked, busyness takes over, or a head-in-the-sand approach becomes the default.

Through insightful exploration and practical assessments, you will: clarify and embrace your strengths, release struggle and find freedom in the areas where support is needed. You will get vivid clarity about the roles that are imperative for sustained growth. Becoming a better leader is a process, one that starts with becoming a better YOU.


Module 4: Dream Team & Zone of Genius Activation

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to
direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that
allows common people to attain uncommon results.”  ~ Andrew Carnegie

Leadership CoachingThe difference between success and failure is a great team. But let’s be honest: Leadership can sometimes feel a bit like juggling elephants. In this module, you’ll adopt a team mind-set, learn the critical distinction between delegation and leverage, and how to masterfully lead so that your team supports YOU, releasing busy-work and struggle-points so that all parties are living out their Personal Genius.

Leadership starts with a mindset. To attract, create, scale, and have a team that successfully follows-through, you must be a leader that follows through while empowering your team to do so.  To achieve your goals and fulfill your mission, your team needs to be fully on board and solidly supportive. With intentional design, build and strengthen a sustainable collaborative culture of empowered communication and collaboration, Dream Team cohesion and retention. Learn how to apply the Nomadic Leaders Empowered Communication Matrix and other recommended resources and assessments for an inspired, unstoppable team – with YOU at the helm.

Your Mission In Motion: WHO & HOW?

Module 5:  Your Mission Possible

“Find the problem you were born to solve and solve it.”  ~ Myles Monroe

WHO do you serve – and why?  Identify and activate your “big why” and how to powerfully activate Shared Aspiring Beliefs and position yourself as a magnet for high-service, positive impact, and unlimited abundance! Pinpoint language for ease in marketing, learn unique approaches to connect and communicate your offerings.  Create a steady flow of eager clients, prospect, and collaborators.

Module 6: Activate Your Authentic Leadership Systems for Sustainable High-Service

“Good design is good business.”  ~ Thomas J. Watson

Social EntrepreneurshipHOW do you serve?  For sustainability, your systems, structure, and services, must all be intentionally designed. Often the first instinct of a creative leader is to resist  structure out of a fear of it being too much, too rigid, confining, or “too adult”. Yet, all good design has supportive structure. By having a customized, intentional, design and structure in place, you’ll be supported and set up for heightened creativity, abundance, and ease.

Supportive systems (backed by the right team), will take your work in the world to an entirely new level.  There’s really no sense in spending your precious time and energy reinventing the wheel!  You’ll create what we at Nomadic Leaders, lovingly refer to as the “MOO” (a.k.a. Manual of Operations). Your MOO is a working, living document that serves as a reference for all systems, policies, procedures, agreements, and contracts. With your MOO in place, client-care, hiring and training, team communications, marketing, etc. will all become vastly easier!

And the best part of it is, with these things requiring less and less of YOUR precious energy, you’ll be freed up for bigger better things. Invaluable. By streamlining the repeatable aspects of your work, you will grease the wheels for more momentum, increased ease, and heightened pleasure while delivering up-leveled service and  creating exponential levels of growth.

Returning Home: Re-entry After The Journey     

Module 7:  Re-entry

“There is a kind of magic-ness about going far away and then
coming back all changed.” ~ Kate Douglas Wiggin 

International TravelReturning home after a life-changing journey abroad, and making a graceful reentry into the life you left, isn’t always easy. But with the right support from people who “get it,” you can find your way, while powerfully integrating your inevitable transformations into the mix.

We want every phase of your Nomadic Leaders journey to be extraordinary, and that includes making a graceful and celebrated transition ‘home’.


*Anytime A La Carte Private Coaching with Tara:  

No topic is too big or too small for a private coaching session with Tara. That said, here are some recommended topics best served through private, customized, 1:1 a la carte coaching:

Tara Sage Steeves ==> Design and prepare a signature talk
==> Strategic marketing momentum with a mission
==> Managing fear
==> Delegation and team building
==> Developing your personal leadership style
==> Products, pricing, and packaging
==> Effective, empowered communication
==> Money mindset
==> Client retention
==> Sustainable self-care & burn-out prevention
==> Time and calendar management
==> Elevating systems
==> Strengthening your personal foundation
==> Project management and prioritization

Choose one or more of these a la carte sessions (a combo is usually best) and you will get priority scheduling: 

==> Virtual VIP Day (5 hours of coaching and strategic collaboration via Skype!)
==> 2-hour Strategic Planning Session by phone
==> 45-minute Telephone Coaching Session

Technology note: Skype and WhatsApp will be used to support Nomadic Leaders connectivity and convenience at no additional cost.