A Nomadic Experiment

In a recent blog post, entitled ‘Define “Home”, I wrote about what home really means to me. I shared that my nomadic heart spans across continents, making ‘home’ a concept that is simply too big and too complex for me to rightfully define it by just one place.

The truth is, I’ve always had a gypsy soul, and over the years I’ve been blessed to travel and wander my way to such places as Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and parts of the continental United States and Canada. Wanderlust is innate to my being, and yet – as much as I want to fly the proverbial nest, I also really like having a nest to return to. Therein lies the challenge.

As a business-owner of two, location-independent-by-design companies (Create Your Life! & Nomadic Leaders), since 2004, I have had a stake in some virtual real estate. Being a virtual landscape pioneer brings with it the unique opportunity to work remotely, from wherever I may be.

Cool, right? Yet, here’s the catch: As freedom-oriented and expansive as this sounds, I’ve always felt it poses as much a dilemma as it does an opportunity. In other words, if I can live and work from anywhere, how the heck do I decide where my home base will be? How do I pick a place? Where do I build my nest? And what nest will best provide me with the comforts of home, while also not imposing limits on how much flying I can do?

I trust you see my dilemma.

While the DC area has been good to me, after 2.5 years, I’m moving on. My boyfriend Carl, my dog Cosmo, and I are all hitting the road for a Nomadic Experiment. We purchased what is essentially a mobile nest — an RV camper, and an SUV to pull it. In a couple of weeks, with our sweet little 20-foot nest in tow, we’re going to see where the road takes us.

We have no set timeline, no set itinerary, and no set destination. Our loose plan is to head south and then west. To be where we are, and go where we want to go. To work from the road, letting our journey inspire our work and our work inspire our journey. To live out an expansive definition of home. To wander. To experience a mix of city and country. To visit people we know and love, and create new connections along the way. To give free hugs. To live simply, with less stuff and more freedom. And, of course, to find our way to sweaty salsa dancing hot spots along the way.

We’re nervous and we’re excited. I hope you’ll follow and support our journey, and perhaps we’ll see you on the road! 🙂


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