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If you could go to any 6 countries, which ones would you choose?

Make the world your office.

blt-arw-bl-lgDo YOU refuse to settle for an “ordinary life” and have an innate mission-driven eagerness to follow inspiration, living life on your own terms? 

blt-arw-bl-lgDo YOU aspire to explore the world and satisfy your wanderlust for travel? 

blt-arw-bl-lgDo YOU have a big vision and powerful desire to harness your passions, make a positive difference in the world and take your life to the next level?

blt-arw-bl-lgAre YOU eager to thrive, explore, and accomplish amazing things?

blt-arw-bl-lgAre YOU naturally oriented to think outside the box and do things in new ways? 

Welcome home …

As a community of like-minded, mission-driven, innovative, wanderlusting, laptop leaders, we come together for a journey of growth, connection, impact, and adventure – all rolled into one.

You’re unique. That’s why we’ve designed TWO UNIQUE WAYS to experience the Nomadic Leaders journey!

  1. The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program (from the comfort of your home) ***   APPLY NOW!   *** 
  2. OR … Leadership education and growth while traveling alongside other evolving leaders. (Accepting applications soon.)

OPTION #1: Designed especially for those eager for a quick-start … The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program

  • Private support from Tara! Via Skype and telephone, we will get out the big paper and roll up our sleeves, diving right in from exactly where you ARE with a quick-start, power-packed, laser-focused strategy-savvy program, zeroing right in on whatever area of your personal and/or professional life will best serve.
  • This program includes: a recorded 90-minute telephone kick-off + a virtual VIP Day + 2 45-minute accountability coaching sessions + a next steps strategy call + weekly e-coaching …. all for less than $2,000!
  • ***   APPLY NOW!   *** for The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program & Receive a FREE 1:1 Leadership Coaching session with Tara! 

OPTION #2 (Coming soon!): Pack your bags for a leadership education & growth experience like no other. 

  • Three months of travel while getting the intimate experience and value of at least 6 months – literally compressing time. Invaluable! If you are a busy leader itching for travel, and who wants to fast-track your leadership education and growth, this is for you.


See the world.

Grow as a leader.

Meet & exceed your goals.


Born of inspiration, Nomadic Leaders serves as a next level way to bring laptop leaders and mission-driven innovators together for a travel experience like no other.  We make the everyday challenges of digital nomadism easier, so that YOU can do the work you love, your way, while seizing the day, seeing the world, expanding your potentials and your mission, and harnessing the rich opportunities and joys of a digitally nomadic lifestyle.    ~ Tara Sage Steeves, founder

***   APPLY NOW!   *** for The 60-Day Quick Start VIP Program & Receive a FREE 1:1 Leadership Coaching session with Tara! 

Explore the worldNomadic Leaders is so much more than a Leadership Program. Adding travel to the leadership program makes it unique beyond comparison. You can ONLY have this kind, and this level, of leadership education and growth when you travel alongside other evolving leaders. Here’s a glimpse: 3 months of travel PLUS leadership coaching and mastermind pow-wows before, after, and throughout. Good stuff, right? (Learn more.) Opt-in now to follow the journey and be first to know when we are accepting applications! We are committed to bringing together an intimate group for this program.  SPACE WILL BE LIMITED.

Nomadic Lifestyle

The Nomadic Leaders™ Formula:

HOUSING and travel arrangements done-for-you

DIGITAL connection at each splendid location

EXPERT coaching and support to grow as a leader

COLLABORATION  and new opportunities at every turn

A COMMUNITY of some of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet

MORE (we like to under-promise & over-deliver)

   = The Experience of a Lifetime

Follow the Journey!
If you could go to any 6 countries, which ones would you choose?